The Pioneering and Revolutionary Journey of World Scientific Publishing

The Promising Genesis​

World Scientific Publishing stands as a testament to academic excellence, a quintessential scientific publishing house that has forever altered the landscape of scholarship. Established in the heart of the academic landscape, Singapore, around 1981, the prestigious institution has now stretched its wings across the globe.

The Unparalleled Vision​

Anchored on the spirit of knowledge dissemination, World Scientific Publishing’s founding principle centers around mainstreaming breakthrough scientific discoveries into commonplace. The company visualizes academic publishing in a refreshingly innovative light, striving relentlessly to bridge the gap between cutting-edge scientific knowledge and the scholars who seek it.

Brought to Life By Leaders​

Steered by the visionary leadership of its founders, Mr. Dato’ Sri Phang and Ms. Phang, World Scientific Publishing emanates a pioneering spirit. Their foresight ensured the company remains unwavering in its promise to maintain a balance between quality and affordability for academic connoisseurs the world over.

The Peerless Catalogue Highlighting Depth of Scholarship​

Boasting an impressive and diverse catalogue, World Scientific Publishing has over 7,000 book titles and more than 150 journals in various scientific disciplines. These publications cover diverse fields, from biomedical sciences to social sciences, displaying the immense range of its academic breadth.

Journey to the Zenith: Timeline of Noteworthy Endeavors​

World Scientific Publishing’s journey up the ladder of scientific publishing is paved with pivotal accomplishments that demonstrate its exponential growth trajectory. From its inaugural publication in 1981 to becoming Asia’s foremost English language scientific publisher, the timeline of World Scientific’s progress is nothing short of remarkable.

Strengthening Global Connections​

Over the years, World Scientific Publishing has built an efficient global network spanning over 60 countries. This enables academics from diverse geographical locations to access their quality research materials, creating a repository of global scientific knowledge.

Garnering Awards, Gaining Recognition​

World Scientific Publishing leads in gaining recognition for its formidable academic contributions from prestigious institutions. A testament to their unwavering dedication and commitment to stellar performance, these awards have played a vital role in defining the brand image of World Scientific.

World Scientific’s Partnership Ecosystem​

Having established a robust partnership ecosystem, World Scientific collaborates with prominent academic institutions, opening up a dynamic information exchange avenue that encourages the creation of high-quality academic resources and promotes inter-disciplinary research.

Embracing a Sustainable Model​

World Scientific Publishing has adopted a sustainable publishing practice model, with a commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusivity. The democratization of academic knowledge and promoting the same through eclectic and comprehensive publications is an integral element of its sustainable growth model.

A Glimpse into the Future​

Moving forward, World Scientific Publishing continues to uphold its unshakeable commitment to the world of academic publishing. The publishing house looks upon the future with an invigorated perspective, eyeing the possibilities the changing technological landscape presents, and constantly enhancing its digital outreach for maximized knowledge dissemination.

In the grand scheme, World Scientific Publishing remains the beacon of illustrious scientific scholarship, maintaining its locus standi as the relentless torchbearer of scientific knowledge dissemination worldwide.

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